Manufacturers have created a jet vehicle resembling the GRU

A turbine-powered vehicle fitted with small wheels to provide movement

Manufacturers have created a jet vehicle that resembles the vehicle used by GRU, the “bad guy” in the movie Despicable Me. The vehicle is equipped with a turbine at the front and at the rear, and a cockpit located between the two parts. It is also equipped with small wheels to ensure movement.

vehicle details

The front part of the vehicle looks like a turbine, similar to what can be found on an Airbus 380. The rear part of the turbine is hidden in the innards of the vehicle. The cockpit is located on top of the vehicle, between the front and rear. Small wheels are located under the vehicle and provide movement.

vehicle performance

From what we can see, the jet does not seem capable of reaching very high speeds. However, it is certainly exciting to see such a vehicle in action.

The reactions of Internet users

Internet users were intrigued by this vehicle. Some have wondered where the manufacturers got the Boeing 777 engine used to power the vehicle. Others referenced the Despicable Me character, GRU, joking that the vehicle was "GRU-approved." Finally, some expressed their desire to drive the vehicle, even if they had to go alone.

In short

All in all, this GRU-like jet vehicle has caught the attention of netizens. Although not very fast, he is certainly impressive to see in action. Some netizens expressing their curiosity and desire to drive this one-of-a-kind vehicle.


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